Bridge Showroom introduces the finest designers from Europe and Asia to America. The company founders previously lived overseas and they have a unique understanding of their designers’ home countries, culture, and approach to the industry and how to best introduce their fashion to discerning American clientele.

Bridging the globe’s finest sources of fashion and design with the US market’s demand for unique, edgy, and stylish collections is the mission of Bridge Showroom, and the inspiration behind our company’s name.

We work hard to make sure our designers are successful in the rich, complex, and competitive US fashion market by providing the most complete and professional set of services.


At Bridge Showroom, we consider ourselves partners with our designers, and work hard to make sure they receive the best analysis and information to make sure their collections attract buyers.

We have a three-step program for assisting our designers to improve their sensitivity and response to the market.

– Buyer dialogue. We maintain a regular and deep dialogue with our extensive database of buyers, to ensure we understand their needs, preferences, and reactions to the collections.

– Market developments. We stay abreast of trends, the competition, and important developments in the market.

– Analysis and strategic planning. We analyze, digest, and communicate this information to our designers. These communications are continuous, and take on their greatest meaning and intensity in the period leading right up to the new season. Each season, our designers receive an analytical report of how the previous season has performed along with our considered recommendations for improving their strategies and tactics for increased sales. These reports are followed up with discussions and one-on-one meetings where we review in detail the designer’s upcoming collection at the earliest stage possible.

Through these efforts, we make sure our designers can focus on the strongest elements in their collections, and we also help them avoid mistakes that won’t win over buyers.


Trade Show representation is an important means for Bridge Showroom to generate new opportunities for our designers, especially the new designers breaking into the market.

At the same time, we at Bridge Showroom approach trade show work very seriously. We ensure our designer’s presence at each trade show takes place only after careful preparations, to ensure the investment pays off. We take pride in ensuring our designers receive maximum benefit from show participation, mainly through the hard work we do at all three stages:

– Show preparation
– Representation at the show
– Consistent, professional follow-up activities

 For more information, contact us: info@bridgeshowroom.com.