Summum Woman was launched in Amsterdam in 1998. Combining diverse styles, fabrics, and colors in a daring way, Summum Woman creates a cool Dutch look with international appeal. The Summum collection – complete with jewelry, outerwear, and accessories – represents a total lifestyle choice for a daring worldly woman.

favourites. First off, the colours. Here we have black and ivory as basics throughout, accompanied by wood, a soft grey fog, clay and warm sand as neutrals within the different capsules. The excitement comes in pops of warm and rich colours, starting with a warm red and soft rouge. The next capsule adds pumpkin, old peach and a deep, dark cherry, to finish with chic emerald, peppermint and a foxy brown. Prints range from a funky outsized animal print, almost painterly, to a tie-dye and leafy print. Classic is a cute polka dot, but by making the dots irregular the print feels fresh and up-to-date.


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