Bitte Kai Rand’s FW16/17 collection is filled with surprise and mystery, with the first revelation being the title – The Samurai Collection. The designer takes inspiration from Japanese warriors, reinterpreting ancient Oriental traditions in the shapes, colors and structure of the garments.


BKR FW16 3




The vibe is slightly masculine but there is understated femininity in the mix. Despite the somewhat rigid elements which make up the typical ‘warrior’ ensemble, there is a simple, free-flowing trait that the brand constantly strives to achieve; in this instance through the use of light and flowy materials that create a unique juxtaposition between the severe and the delicate. The Bitte Kai Rand customer has plenty of options for different occasions. Whether it’s a day at the office, a cocktail party or a quick lunch with friends, the standout style and flawless fit is sure to get you noticed.


BKR FW16 2




The exaggerated shapes and bold silhouettes enhance the female form without being too tight or restrictive, while the brand’s signature unorthodox cuts create both symmetry and asymmetry. Turtlenecks, drop-crotch trousers, culottes and mid-calf rompers are stylish and stunning, while structured jackets and long cardigans add an armoured feel to the lineup. The items are enhanced with decorative elements such as oversized pockets, fluffy tassels, rope-inspired belts and braided ribbons.


BKR FW16 1




The use of silver and gold, complemented by brown bronze pay homage to the samurai weapons, while black and dark blue enhance the theme emitting a tough and mysterious air. Adding a feminine touch is the use of neutrals which vary from rich greys and melange tones to light shades of winter cream and dusty rose.


BKR FW16 4




The brand is known for their emphasis on quality. This time around, they have paired jersey mixes with woven cotton and viscose-based fabrics. Neoprene and mesh add comfort and coolness, as do the various ropes and tassels.






1. Cardigan – The bold mustard color and flowy vibe of this floor-length cardigan emanates empowered elegance whether it’s worn with heels or flats.


2. Top – Sure to become a fashion faithful for the season, this black turtleneck top has fitted sleeves and a flowy bodice that is equal parts comfy and stylish.


3. Culottes – The distinctive ribbon on the outer seams adds a feminine touch to the edgy, boyish culottes we’ve come to know and love.


4. White Shirt – Dress to impress in this long-sleeve white shirt with its unexpected wraparound belt – a definite improvement on the classic design.