Representing harmonious coexistence between nature and the manmade structures, Bitte Kai Rand’s SS14 collection is seductively diverse, delightfully bright, and incredibly wearable.






Like the colorful patterns seen through a kaleidoscope, the label’s spring collection is all about interplay of objects and spaces. The transformations of shapes and hues are a metaphor for evolution and progress. Organic pleats, especially Indian plissé and twisting yarns, as well as transparent and layering pieces, emphasize the idea of perpetual movement.






Geometry of the simple silhouettes brings out the complexity of asymmetric cuts, giving the collection that coveted time-transcending quality.






The SS14 collection is abundant with prints. The digital patterns inspired by a church floor in Florence and kaleidoscope effects, as well as the more naturalistic ones, including those that resemble seashells and imitate a tie dye effect, immediately attract attention.



Neutrals from chalk-white to cement and from steel grey to fake black remain at the core of Bitte Kai Rand’s summer palette. Vibrant coral, wasabi green and shades of pink and purple ranging from lilac to fuchsia add a pop of color to the mix, making the collection not only cool and collected, but also vibrant and fresh.






A perfectionist to the bone, Bitte Kai Rand, the label’s founder, puts extra emphasis on quality. That is why the fabrics in the Scandinavian brand’s collection are exclusively natural. Light crinkled linen, lovely breathable viscose, crisp cotton, flowing silk, sheer voile and sharp twill will serve you well on a hot day. And soft lightweight knits are perfect for chilly evenings, offering both utility and femininity.