With over three decades of history under their belt, Bitte Kai Rand is one of the leading Danish fashion houses with an extensive following not only in Scandinavia, but also worldwide. Producing six collections per year, the much coveted brand is known for its distinctive DNA and an unwavering commitment to creating pieces that are truly timeless.


Bitte Kai Rand SS12


The label's founder, Bitte Kai Rand: “We have always stood for quality, where there is no compromise on anything.”

Bitte Kai Rand’s eponymous label was founded as a small knitwear company back in 1981. But even then it was already obvious that the business is destined to develop and grow. And how could it not? The designer’s perfectionism in creating new styles, sourcing materials and producing collections immediately struck a chord with the consumers, bringing the brand popularity and recognition, as well as both resources and motivation to expand their product base.


At the core of Bitte Kai Rand’s philosophy lies a firm belief that fashion trends are fleeting, whereas quality will always be recognized and valued by the customers. True to that conviction, the label has excelled at empowering women of all ages, shapes and sizes by consistently offering functional and sensible, yet sensual and playful pieces.


Bitte Kai Rand FW12/13


Bitte Kai Rand take extra care to make sure that their garments are not only beautiful, but also relatable and easy-to-wear. With timeless cuts, exclusively natural fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship, and smart play with contrasting colors and cool details, whether you wear a blouse, a dress, or a pair of pants from this label, the garment will gently envelop your body, flattering the figure and allowing for freedom of movement. That is how Bitte Kai Rand’s apparel has filled many a slot in the wardrobes of urban roamers, busy professionals, and avid fashionistas alike.


Bitte Kai Rand SS13


Aside from their devotion to uncompromising quality, the Danish label’s success stems from their ability to listen to what women want and bring that to the market. Responding to consumers’ needs while maintaining their own aesthetic integrity is what has helped Bitte Kai Rand evolve to become a coveted international brand.


Bitte Kai Rand SS13


Seasons may change, trends may come and go, but you can be sure that Bitte Kai Rand’s signature style will transcend time, bringing a new twist and a fresh breeze with each and every collection they produce. And that stability is what resonates with customers, helping the brand successfully sell their apparel in over 300 stores across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Russia, and the US.