Successful fashion entrepreneurs know doing everything alone will only take a business that far (image via


As the head of a successful label, you probably put in countless hours to make sure everything is done perfectly. And though the “jack-of-all-trades” approach may have worked in the early stages of setting up your business, you’ve got to establish an effective system to take your fashion house to a new level. How? By delegating and outsourcing!


Why should I delegate or outsource my company’s projects?


Perfectionism can and will make you burn out and take your company down with you (image via

It might be difficult in the beginning, but delegating and outsourcing are integral to growth and long-term success — your own and that of your brand. Its benefits include ensuring projects get done on time, preventing fatigue and burnout, keeping customers happy, and having time for strategic thinking. And when it comes to outsourcing, farming certain operations out to professionals often results in cost savings, as you don’t have to hire additional in-house staff to do the work.


What should I delegate?


The functions you delegate can change depending on business conditions. Typically, however, you can have members of your team take on administrative tasks and marketing activities like PR, media outreach, Facebook posts, tweets, photo and video uploads, and more. They can even serve as the first level of customer service, providing timely support to existing and potential clients, and escalating issues to you only when it’s absolutely necessary.


Even seasoned fashion designers and brand managers may find it challenging to expand into new markets and consistently grow their customer base. That’s why it’s equally important to consider outsourcing sales, production and logistics. This is where it’s critical to partner up with an agency that has the resources, experience and contacts to make sure your collections attract buyers and bring maximum ROI for you.


How do I delegate?


Making the decision to hand off some of your day-to-day responsibilities is the first positive step.


Next, you need to put together a team of people who not only have the skills to do the job, but share your motivation and drive to make your brand even more successful. And when it comes to outsourcing, be sure to go with a vendor that has a reputation of a reliable business partner.


Also, even though it might be tough, you need to learn to trust your subordinates and associates, both in-house and out, and ensure that your expectations are always clear.


Finally, do keep on top of things. Assigning tasks does not mean dumping work on others so you don’t have to do anything yourself. You should still know what has to be accomplished and be available to offer guidance along the way.


A well-oiled machine


Delegating and outsourcing will free up valuable time you can use to work on strategic tasks (image via


Once you get a handle on sharing work with your team, you will notice how rewarding it is for everyone. Your employees will feel more valued and involved. Your buyers and customers will appreciate immediate attention to their needs. You gain a sharper focus on how to grow your label. Your work gets noticed by the right people. And, voila – you enjoy increased sales and higher brand recognition. You can then take pride in the fact that you’ve built a well-oiled machine that creates amazing products, keeps clients happy, and is positioned for limitless growth.


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