Harness the sales-boosting power of press by targeting the right customers using engaging calls to action

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Some fashion houses gain a lot of publicity and even the official stamp of approval from style authorities, but their revenues do not match the buzz they’ve been making. Don’t let this happen to your own label. Here are four suggestions to help you turn your popularity into an income-generating machine.


1. Publicize Your Press


Your creations have been featured on the latest issue of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, or some other notable fashion publication? Trumpet them on your site, mailing lists, response letters, newsletters, and even to your partners, suppliers, and clients! Frame the cover or pages and display them prominently in your offices and outlets. Include them in the descriptions of your products on shopping sites where you also sell your collection to give potential customers that final convincing “push” to buy your merchandise.


Promote your media coverage wherever and whenever you can

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2. Share Your Contact Details


Don’t make it difficult for potential partners and clients to get in touch with you to acquire one of your products – the ones they’ve seen in magazines or on celebs. Put your phone number (both office and mobile), fax, e-mail, shop address, site URL, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account on your company stationery, advertisements, marketing collateral, website, and packaging materials. Make your phone numbers prominent – people are inclined to call to get the information they want quickly.


3. Reach Out & Engage Your Audience


Break through that PR veneer and connect with your prospects

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New press is a great opportunity (and a viable excuse!) for designers and business owners to reach out to current and potential buyers, partners, and consumers. However, creating cleverly worded phrases is not enough – you need to frame them so they generate a reaction from your target demographic, and lead to a lasting relationship.

So when you get a response, keep the conversation going. Social media is a great way to start and maintain this kind of dialogue as it facilitates real-time communication. Use them to give clients a sneak peek of your work in progress and encourage them to contribute suggestions or feedback. That way, by the time you launch your collection, your followers will have already spread the word about it, and will be ready to pounce on your creations once they hit the stores.


4. Use Press in Tie Ups


A clever advertising approach can give you the boost you need to hit your sales targets

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Getting your newest line of clothing ready for launch day? Why don’t you give your target audience the opportunity to own one of your pieces at a discount in exchange for a copy of your latest ad from a certain publication? You can also let the first 100 people who present a clipping of your press coverage in a particular magazine have an exclusive token from your shop on launch day. This way, you get to truly convert your promotional efforts into actual sales.


All these tips work best when they are targeted at the right audience using the appropriate tools. You can also enhance their sales-generating capacity by conducting regular evaluations of your marketing strategies. Ongoing assessments will help you find out which marketing activities don’t bring in as much revenue as expected. But most importantly, they will help you find out which strategies are worth further development and investment, enabling you to use your resources wisely and boost your profits.