With major sales campaign for Fall/ Winter 13-14 winding down, major brands are starting to present their Resort collections. Resort used to be a season dominated by global brands with Chanel leading the way. Lately, Resort became an incredibly important season that bridges the gap between two major runway seasons. Resort collections can account for 70-80% of womenswear designer apparel sales.


Chanel Resort 2014

The retail season for this delivery can stretch from late October until June. Resort has the longest selling window before markdowns (commonly Nov-May at full price!). Many designers consider it a way of growing their business without launching a diffusion line or branching into a new category. It allows them to stay at the same level and expand.

Another very important advantage of introducing Resort into your production calendar is being able to offer an extra delivery to your accounts. Boutique customers require newness and immediacy. Resort is possibly the only real delivery that customers can take advantage of and wear clothes right after purchase. This is a great attraction for both boutiques and their clients.

BOBKOVA holiday collection

Resort usually gets more attention in the US compared to Europe (despite the fact that Europeans take on average more vacations than Americans do). Part of the reason is that Americans like to plan ahead. Diversity of climates within the US is another reason why stocking relevant clothing is more important.

Having started as collections of clothing one would wear on a cruise-ship, Resort collections now offer a plethora of trans-seasonal items, including outerwear, knits, fur, light-weight and early-spring clothes, easy layering pieces.

KUDIBAL pre-spring collection

There may be risks to adding resort too soon. “The main goal is to not feel pressured,” says Prabal Gurung, who entered the category five seasons after launching his line. “The standard of success and everything has to be your own, not told by anyone else. [..] Don’t forget, just doing it and selling it is not enough; you have to be able to deliver, too.”

Linda Fargo, senior vice president of fashion office and store presentation at Bergdorf Goodman, concedes that it can be a tough job for a fledgling designer, but a necessary one. “If they don’t have a resort collection, they lose their presence on the floor for too long a time,” said Fargo. “If you’re trying to establish an identity, to kind of disappear off the radar between deliveries is a long time.”

Bridge Showroom is offering collections by BobkovaKudibal and  Bitte Kai Rand in May and June this year for October and November deliveries.