We are in the midst of getting ready for a few seasonal shows, the most important one coming up in less than two weeks in NYC. Fashion Coterie is the main show we do each season. The largest US show attended by tens of thousands of buyers each season, it is an important event in any brand’s seasonal plan.


This season we are bringing five brands to the show: Bevza, Bobkova, Chapurin, Konsanszky and Podolyan. The latter two will be premiering at Coterie with their FW12/13 collections. With the larger designer portfolio, there are more challenges and more tasks to accomplish before the show.


Preparation involves negotiations with organizers to get the best location, developing enticing promotional materials, sending numerous invitations to buyers, phone calls, emails, volunteers, models, equipment, and many many more details to take care of. The show lasts only three days, but it is not unusual to spend more than a month getting ready. A good show can make or break a season for any given brand and so we strive to prepare a good show for all participating collections.


Here are a few snaps from the last show which took place in September, 2011.

Getting ready for the show – lots of steaming to do. Gotta make sure the clothes look their best for buyers!

At the start of the show it is all about anticipation – did we take care of everything, are we ready for the appointments, are all talking points clear for each collection, does everyone understand their role. But, this is all behind the scenes – smiling face is a default during shows!

Shoes off, taking clothes off the mannequins to show buyers, talk talk talk, rare minutes of relative calm. But it’s all good! That’s exactly what we want – a very busy show!


Back in September, we did manage to see a Broadway show, paid a brief visit to MOMA, and walked down the highline. But most importantly, we had a good show, got new orders and opened new doors for our designers!