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Stine Goya is a renown Danish brand created by a model turned designer Stine Nistrup Madsen. Having completed Central Saint Martin’s in London, she had been modeling for some time before deciding she wanted to do something greater – and she did it. Her label launched in 2006 and almost immediately gained popularity with fashionistas across the world.




Now Stine Goya is sold in more than 90 stores across the world, and in 2014 Stine herself opened her first flagmanship store in Gothersgade, Denmark. She succeeds in everything she does, and most of all – in balancing having a family and owning one of the most recognized Danish brands. She never ceases to (pleasantly) surprise her devotees, yet maintains her “signature” look in all the collections.




In SS17 Stine Goya preserves the tradition of blending pastels with pops of colors, such as coral, emerald, and burgundi. Another constant in her design is a theme that each collection revolves around. Stine finds inspiration in everything – from books to movies to exhibitions. This time her muse was Luisa Casati, an Italian socialite of early XX century whose bold expressions, costumes and wild parties became legendary among her contemporaries and the generations to come.


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Casati’s unique personality and love for everything unusual yet beautiful is reflected in the rich fabrics (silk, suede, linen), whimsical patterns and embellishment: The garments boast of prints with exotic flowers and animals that enliven and complement simple but elegant silhouettes.


You can take a closer look at the collection and learn about it more here. This lineup will be presented in our NYC Showroom (530 7th Avenue, Floor M1) on September 14-21. Please email or call (646) 801-8820 to book an appointment.