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Bitte Kai Rand never veers from the path of producing garments that help women express who they are. Their FW15/16 collection stays true to that commitment, pulling from several sources of inspiration to offer pieces that are undeniably stylish without trying too hard.


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This season, Bitte Kai Rand’s lineup is as fresh as ever. Just look at the deceptively simple silhouettes, the zingy color choices, and the daring pattern combos, and you’ll immediately spot numerous references to expressionist and suprematist aesthetic ideas. Some of the other standout pieces in the line pay homage to nature, incorporating bird and flower imagery through various outlets. Despite the mash up of inspiration, the general vibe of the collection remains incredibly elegant, yet very relaxed.


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Asymmetrical silhouettes, angular shapes, high circular necklines and triangular hemlines are reminiscent of Kazimir Malevich’s work. Add to that an array of wide leg pants, loose-fitting knits, shirt dresses and other examples of laid-back chic, and you have yourself a great selection of pieces that can go from casual to dressy in an instant (and help you stand out in the crowd as a fine art aficionado to boot)!


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Expressionism is certainly at work here, and the exaggerated brush strokes and abstract imagery seen in certain patterns are a prime example. The use of colors is free and unabashed, mixing and matching orange, mustard, gray and purple with darker hues of blue, asphalt, plum and black. Floral and feather motifs tell their own story, while stripes and geometric prints add to an array of options you can use to show the world exactly who you are by donning Bitte Kai Rand.


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The designer juxtaposes light and heavy fabrics to enhance the key themes, putting emphasis on quality. Cotton, linen, viscose, wool, and silk blends are both beautiful and practical, taking Bitte Kai Rand’s artistic flirtation to a whole new level.


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BKR FW15 Collection MH small


1. Tunic Dress – You have to be a risk-taker to pull off this bold knit dress, since its triangular hemline is designed to show off those beautiful gams. If in doubt, remember that you can always wear it with a pair of leggings.


2. Coat – Prepare to make heads turn in this canary yellow coat, which is not just the epitome of style and comfort, but a ray of sunshine on a cold gloomy day.


3. Pants – These sleek cigarette pants with slanted line applique are a sure winner – just think of the number of tops and shirts they can be paired with!


4. Printed Dress –The beauty of this refined feather-patterned midi frock is that it can become either feminine or edgy – it all depends on how you choose to style it.