Marilyn Tan’s rare talent is expressed through her distinctive hand-crafted pieces that appeal to strong, confident women and men, and her Lone Tree collection is yet another testament to that. Whether you’re going for a casual coupling of flats and jeans, or a cute cocktail dress, this jewelry is perfect for those who want to make a statement in a sophisticated way.


MTJ Lone Tree 1




Offering an elegant array of rings, cufflinks, bangles and earrings, this lineup remains true to its name and is inspired by a single stark burnt tree on a dirt road in Patagonia. From afar these items look no less than stunning, but a closer peek reveals so much more. Take one of the rings as an example – perfectly replicating the tree, the band looks strong and sturdy while the design, which features three prongs, seems to represent branches embellished with textured dreusy agates. Similarly, the other pieces emanate individualism that is never over the top, befitting a customer with a penchant for classical style, who is confident in her own beliefs and not afraid to stand up for them.




With this collection, one cannot overlook the abundance of squares. This simple shape is the basis for the design of the rings, earrings, bangles, and cufflinks, which are all adorned by raw and intentionally unfinished semi-precious stones.


MTJ Lone Tree 2




Yellow and rose gold in tandem with rhodium and titanium make up the metallic quartet that takes center stage in this lineup, while dreusy agates – both natural and coated – add restrained tones of white, silver, champagne, grey, brown and black to the collection.




Marilyn Tan is known for using nothing but the best for her pieces. This time around, her bronze creations are not just plated with gold or rhodium, but also occasionally coated with titanium – to create even more stunning options for the wearer. The end result is minimalist textured jewelry that evokes a will to touch, to try, and to wear with pride.



MTJ Collection MH small

1. Bangle – This fabulous rhodium-plated bangle is something you’ll reach for again and again, as it’s the perfect accessory for glamming up a tried-and-true outfit.


2. Ring – Nothing beats classic gold, and this fine 18k yellow gold-plated ring is certainly a conversation starter thanks to its unique treelike design.


3. Cufflinks – Add some sparkle to your office look with these flawless rose-gold plated cufflinks. But be prepared to catch some envious glances.


4. Earrings – Make heads turn with these show-stopping rhodium-plated, black dreusy sparklers – ideal for fabulous glitzy affairs as well as for everyday wear.