In her latest collection, Bitte Kai Rand creates her own utopia by merging graphic stripes and checkered motifs with pastel hues, with the basis for this visual universe originating in a surreal world filled with impossible forms and odd proportions.





Narrow trousers, 50’s style garb and feminine tops seem deceptively simple and free flowing despite the complicated forms, bold lines and unusual patterns. Emphasizing perpetual movement, Bitte Kai Rand uses a diversity of fabrics—from a check metamorphosis, to broken mirrors and melted porcelain—to offer unique yet super wearable outfits for those wanting to make an artistic statement.





Inspiration from the surreal world is inconspicuously displayed in this vibrant SS15 collection. Familiar shapes are twisted and reconstructed to create illusions about the silhouette, symmetry and asymmetry of the garments. But the best thing about these pieces is that they allow easy transition from formal to casual and vice versa.





Not to be overpowered by vivid prints and stripes, the brand also showcases a beautiful array of pastel shades, including lime, nude, orchid and pink. These muted tones are accentuated by spearmint, cantaloupe and orient blue along with the harmonious inclusion of black and white.





Placing strong emphasis on material quality, Bitte Kai Rand uses fine-woven textile selections for summer shirts, and a special linen blend for suits and coats. Also among the fabric choices are sand-washed cupro/jersey, delicate silk georgette, and peach cotton with checkered-quilted biased structure—all clearly representing the visual utopia that is the label’s SS15 collection.





1. Linen Coat – The refreshing burst of color makes this number the standout item whether dressed up or down.


2. Printed Dress – A go-to summer staple for any fashionista thanks to its figure flattering cut, and unique graphic pattern.


3. Checkered Pants – These are guaranteed to make a statement due to their superb fit and eye-catching print.


4. Shirt Dress – A more feminine take on the popular laid-back classic that can be worn with heels or flats depending on the occasion.