TSXX Royal Street 1

Inspired by their own life experiences, each season, Terry Schiefer and Xin Gabriel channel the moods of the moment into their exquisite jewelry. The duo’s most recent collection, aptly titled ‘Royal Street’, delicately balances between opulence and grit, offering creations that excite and empower.


TSXX Royal Street 6

Ideal for sophisticated soirees and a host of other events, TSXX pieces cater not just to glamorous women who favor an elegant look, but also to rock ‘n’ roll chicks who enjoy showing off a bit of an edge, and even artsy fashionistas who might want to flaunt this jewelry when they’re out and about, as well as proudly display it in their home. Whether you pair items from this collection with distressed jeans and a T-shirt, or choose a necklace or a bracelet from the lineup to complement your evening look, you’ll be the center of attention every time.


TSXX Royal Street 2

Edgy spikes and baby skulls form the basis of the ‘street’ theme, while crowns, flowers, tassels and elaborate carvings add the ‘royal’ element. TSXX’s luxurious pieces also include thin bands that are perfect for stacking, and open back options for free sizing. Three-tiered chandelier earrings, intricately carved winged pendants and woven chains also bring lavishness to the lineup.


TSXX Royal Street 4

Though each Terry Schiefer Xinxin piece makes a bold fashion statement about the wearer, the colors in this collection are simple, with clear stones and white pearls taking center stage. Adding a bold pop is the inclusion of beautiful green gems, which are used sparingly.


TSXX Royal Street 5

TSXX are committed to using only the finest of materials. Chosen for their size, color and clarity, this collection features natural semi-precious stones, such as labradorite and cubic zirconia, which are elegantly framed by exquisite bronze, silver and gold designs.


TSXX Royal Street MH

1. It’s all about character with this gorgeous spiked jewel necklace. Go wild or stay refined – everything is possible with this one-of-a-kind piece!

2. The elaborate hand carvings on these rings give off an air of opulence without going over the top. Add a touch of understated luxe to your look by stacking a few of these together.

3. The beautiful labradorite, winged design and a tiny skull and are just a few enviable features of this stunning pendant – ideal for a confident woman who’s not afraid to be bold.

4. These magnificent 3-tiered chandelier earrings with pearls and stones will be perfect for a grand gala or a ball.