The shift towards the web pushes labels to find new ways of promoting their merchandise by forging collaborations with fashion bloggers. Here’s what you need to know to establish solid relationships with those who really influence the netizens’ style.


Blogger collaborations prove to be an effective way of promoting the label because of their relatable “girl next door” appeal, as opposed to high-fashion models and celebrities

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1. Define Your Objectives


First off, make sure you know what you aim to accomplish by partnering with a blogger, and ensure that your goals align with your brand identity. Put together a plan detailing what types of social media platforms you want to use and what kind of blog posts you wish to be written. Remember that the popular style bloggers are being approached by many names in the industry, so being clear and concise maximizes your chances for forging a partnership.


2. Research & Align


Zero in on the group to reach out to. Most high-end brands lean towards attaching themselves to A-list fashion bloggers. However, emerging and mid-level personalities tend to have a more niche readership, which results in higher ROI when it comes to increasing direct sales. So regardless of their position in the blogging industry, do your best to partner up with those who have credibility in the eyes of your target audience.


Putting emphasis on how your label’s distinct identity fuses with the blogger’s style should be the main focus of your partnership


3. Stay Realistic


While most bloggers do appreciate a direct approach with what you want to attain, it’s also important that you stay realistic with regards to the expected results. You may state how many sales or hits you want to get, but you also have to understand that it may take more than just one post to achieve desired outcomes.


4. Allow Creative Freedom


After laying out your side of things, do make sure you give the blogger enough creative freedom to stay true to themselves and maintain credibility in the eyes of their readers. This can be done by letting them choose and style their own looks using pieces from your line, for example. Once the readers believe the blogger’s preference for your brand is genuine, the click-throughs will follow.


Bloggers in Nashville for a special promotional tour for Guess

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5. Move Beyond the Norm


To stand out from the competition, alternate between different kinds of promos and collabs, such as holding contests, handing out discount codes, providing freebies for giveaways, and so on. It’s even better if you and your chosen blogger can come up with a more creative way of veering away from the usual methods of promotions.


But whichever way you decide to go, remember that quality, not quantity, is the key to making your partnerships with bloggers really count. So make sure that the people you choose to work with truly understand what your brand is all about and can convey it to those who take heed of their opinion.