The rise of social media and the blogosphere saw a growing popularity among fashion bloggers because of their girl-next-door appeal, which most women find easy to relate. So it’s no wonder that so many readers turn to these 11 bloggers for a daily dose of style inspiration and fashion advice.


Rumi Neely – Fashion Toast

238K FB likes | 109K Twitter followers | 505K Instagram followers

Photo via Teen Vogue

Rumi Neely has that enviable minimalist and laid-back aesthetic, which makes it look as though she just got out of bed… in style, of course. Targeting the twenty-somethings who are slowly but surely coming into their own, she normally features key basics and casual pieces that epitomize West Coast-chic.


Aimee Song – Song of Style

232K FB likes | 40K Twitter followers | 1.2M Instagram followers

Photo Le 21ème | Adam Katz Sinding

Aimee capitalizes on having a polished yet playful approach to fashion, which features structured pieces injected with a bit of flow, flair, bold colors, and fun prints. Her style also has a more businesslike tone since she mainly works as an interior designer, making her a hit with young professionals.


Wendy Nguyen – Wendy’s Lookbook

223K FB likes | 41K Twitter followers | 430K Instagram followers

Photo via Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy Nguyen has an inspiring rags-to-riches story – having grown up in foster care, she is looked up to as one of the top fashion bloggers today. Her sophisticated and elegant style consists mainly of high-end pieces in classic colors and designs, which cater to those who prefer ladylike outfits.


Olivia Palermo – Olivia Palermo

385K FB likes | 279K Twitter followers | 759K Instagram followers


 Photo via Citizen Couture

Olivia Palermo’s site features all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. As a style icon, Olivia prefers a contemporary take on the sophisticated glam girl and the best thing about it is that she loves a mix of high-end and mid-range brands. Which is why women find it so easy to identify with her.


Emily Schuman – Cupcakes and Cashmere

211K FB likes | 90K Twitter followers | 173K Instagram followers


Photo via South Moon Under

Fashion, food, beauty, décor, DIY—it seems as though Emily Schuman can do it all and do it in style. Her easy-going and positive attitude, which comes through in her every post, makes her look very approachable and relatable to readers of all ages.


Jules Sariñana – Sincerely, Jules

32K Twitter followers | 956K Instagram followers


Photo via Sincerely Jules

Jules Sariñana has that mellow West Coast aesthetic with a youthful and edgy twist to it. She masterfully combines both high-end and mass-market brands, inspiring young fashionistas to replicate her looks.


Kelly Framel – The Glamourai

46K FB likes | 51K Twitter followers | 89K Instagram followers


Photo via Refinery29

New York-based fashion writer Kelly Framel capitalizes on how to appear effortlessly glamorous in the fast-pace streets of the Big Apple. And aside from being a well-known blogger, she’s also a stylist to celebs.


Leandra Medine – The Man Repeller

142K FB likes | 180K Twitter followers | 530K Instagram followers


Photo by YoungJun Koo

Hailed by Forbes as one of the “most influential trendsetters” in 2012, Leandra Medine’s blog is all about highlighting trends that please women and annoy men. But what truly sets her apart from the rest is her signature sense of humor, which is clearly reflected on her posts and features.


Blair Eadie – Atlantic-Pacific

75K FB likes | 41K Twitter followers | 377K Instagram followers


Photo by Michelle Drewes

Blair Eadie gives out that wholesome and approachable ‘America’s sweetheart’ vibe with her take on dressy casual style without being too daring or edgy. And although she mostly features designer outfits, she likes to play with mid-range and mass-market brands as well.


Tanesha Awasthi – Girl With Curves

73K FB likes | 10K Twitter followers | 31K Instagram followers


Photo via Girl With Curves

Tanesha prides herself in being an inspiration for curvy women worldwide. She strives to empower real women with her take on plus-size fashion. Moreover, she designs for her namesake clothing brand. She’s mostly seen wearing feminine prints and pieces that flatter her voluptuous bod.


Jean Wang – Extra Petite 

25K FB likes | 11K Twitter followers | 44K Instagram followers


Photo via Extra Petite

Just by looking at her photos, you’ll never guess that Jean Wang—the dainty woman behind ‘Extra Petite’—stands just five feet tall. Most Asian girls have a much smaller build, and Jean features various ways and DIYs on how to put together an outfit for those with a slight body frame.