Seasonal slowdowns are a great time to get your fashion house in order

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You’ve done your last show and received a ton of orders for your most recent collection. You feel good about the season that just ended, looking forward to some time off. Besides using downtime for much-needed (and well-deserved) R&R, we recommend other productive ways to take advantage of the slowdown, all of which can position your brand for an even more successful year ahead.


1. Review the results


The immediate end of the season is an ideal time to look back at the good, bad and the ugly. Have a candid and thoughtful discussion with your team about specific things that went right or wrong, and how they can be improved. This can include the design process, the way everyone worked together, the availability of resources, etc.


2. Refine your strategy and objectives


Use downtime to strategize about your operations, as well as your design offerings. When you’ve had a chance to look at the sales figures and digest feedback from buyers and customers, how did your target audience respond to the latest collection? What was the hot seller and what items weren’t so successful? Why?


Use the slowdown to meet with your agency partners. Look back at how things went during the past season, and think of ways to streamline processes that need improvement.


Set up meetings with buyers to talk about how your collection resonated with customers, and get face time with vendors to discuss any operations that need to be optimized

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3. Re-engage with your audiences


During the past season, did your company increase its brand recognition? Do buyers and customers know what your label stands for? Look back on your marketing activities to gauge how the marketplace perceives your brand. This is a great chance to come up with creative ways to engage with your existing and potential clientele and enhance their perception of you.


Also, make it a point to get face time with your key stakeholders, particularly buyers. Use the opportunity to review sales figures and discuss customer preferences. You could even give retailers a sneak preview of what you have in store for the next season, paying attention to their reaction, as it may significantly influence what you eventually put out in the marketplace.


4. Reconnect with contacts


Remember the emails and voice mails you put off because you were too busy? Here’s your chance to respond and follow up with people.


And, in addition to group meetings with your in-house team, take advantage of the slowdown to speak with employees on a one-to-one basis to review their accomplishments, discuss their career plans, and motivate them for the next season.


Set aside time for yourself to get some well-deserved R&R, harness your creativity, and contemplate innovative ways to build your label

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5. Recharge yourself


Amid all the looking back and strategizing about what’s ahead, do take time some time to pamper yourself. Reflect on what you’ve learned the past season, from a business and personal perspective. Look inward to discover what you can do to build a stronger team and become a better leader. Enjoy a few days off to reset your body and mind — even daydream — to unleash your creativity and stimulate innovative thinking, setting yourself up for an even more exciting next fashion season.


These are just a few suggestions that will help you make the most of downtime. But regardless of whether or not you have your own tried and true slowdown “to-do” list, remember that it’s all about being productive when you actually have the luxury of time.