Stine Goya is a coveted and renown Danish brand that’s famous for creating quirky yet elegant pieces for women who aren’t afraid to stand out.


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Its magnificent SS17 line is heavily inspired by one of the most scandalous fashion icons of the XX century: Luisa Casati. Her most famous quote is “I want to be a living work of art”, and it seems to be the motto of Stine Goya’s new collection as well. Its key words are “playful”, “artistic” and “bold”, and the brand is living up to them fully.




Made of 100% silk, viscose and linen, the SS17 pieces are inviting you into the marvelous world of dolce far niente. The decadent silhouettes of ethereal maxi dresses, flowy robes and embellished jackets with accentuated waist remind you of the luxury in which the XXth century European aristocracy wallowed.




Stine Goya is always attentive to details, and this collection is no exception: The extravagant pieces boast of whimsical patterns, embroidered gold flowers and animals, glittering metallic nuances. The collection maintains the artistic aesthetic in everything, from knitwear to scarves and jewelry.




The collection is all about contrast: It sports exquisite designs in lush and dramatic hues of burgundi, red and indigo that are juxtaposed against a more neutral palette of ivory, coal and Persian green. However, all the colors have warm undertones, which makes it so easy to combine the garments together and not worry about how the whole outfit is going to look on you. The answer is always the same: Fabulous!




Besides day and evening wear, Stine Goya added some invaluable pieces to the collection, that is 100% silk exquisite scarves, fun jewelry and colorful socks that will make your look complete.







Stay tuned to find out more about Stine Goya’s newest collection on our blog. This lineup will be presented at a number of trade shows and markets this season. To book a showroom, show, or in-store appointment, please email or call (646) 801-8820.