Bitte Kai Rand is back with a new collection, and it’s bound to find its way to the wardrobes of both younger and more mature women. The new line is so versatile in terms of  shapes, fabrics, colors – it will get you going and never looking back! Come see what the brand prepared for the next spring.


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While the previous collection’s theme was Japanese samurai, this season the brand turned their hearts and minds towards Ancient Egypt. This burst of inspiration resulted in fabulous garments that resemble the opulence of the old world and give women that powerful, goddess-like look so many are striving for.


With their most simple clothes such as “the magic pant” being absolute best-sellers, in this season Bitte Kai Rand encapsulated their essentials into one sub-collection of garments that can be easily be mixed and matched. But don’t let the word “simple” fool you: there’s nothing basic about coming up with just the best-fitting and stylish designs that can be worn every day to almost any occasion. Some of the must-haves from “The Essentials” are a light down jacket, ruffled knit top and, of course, the signature magic pants and skirts.


Although faithful to Scandinavian aesthetics of clean lines and minimalistic design, Bitte Kai Rand still continues to surprise us with numerous details that add fun, edge and sophistication.


As for the colors, Bitte Kai Rand went with a very neutral and natural palette: Sand, midnight blue, olive, and certainly black, white and grey. Besides solid colors, the brand created a number of fun prints for the SS17 collection. With Ancient Egypt in mind, it’s obvious that the sacred scarab beetle, pyramids and Nefertiti found their way onto the garments.



Excellent fabrics are something Bitte Kai Rand never compromise on: Only the top-quality textiles are used in making their garments. Linen and knits are the brand’s signature fabrications and are heavily used in SS17 line. Mixed fabrics (viscose, tencel and cotton) provide the softness that everybody loves, and the coolness of thin woven/cupro mix  will keep you feeling fresh during a hot summer.

Stay tuned to find out more about Bitte Kai Rand’s newest collection on our blog. This lineup will be presented at a number of trade shows and markets this season. To book a showroom, show, or in-store appointment, please email or call (646) 801-8820.