To make sure you efforts convert into actual sales, reach out to the right stores in the first place


Having explored the many benefits of trunk shows and ways in which they help promote both new and established brands alike, we’re certain many of you are already planning one or two events of the sort. And with our tried and tested tips and tricks, you can be sure your show will go off without a hitch!




When planning a trunk show, start by choosing a boutique with a style that resonates with your brand’s aesthetic. That way you’ll create buzz with the right buyers and customers.


Give careful thought to how you display your merchandise

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Be sure you and your host agree to important details: how your merchandise will be displayed, how much to charge customers for items, the terms of profit sharing. Ordinarily, the store determines the retail value and pays you the wholesale price for each item they sell.




Spread the word about your trunk show with a promotional campaign that reaches out to your customers, the shop’s clientele and general public. Start with an eye-catching postcard or email to people on your mailing list, and that of the host boutique. Supplement it with free publicity via a press release, and follow up with reminders through social media.




To encourage purchases, consider offering a discount, or a gift with purchase, to attendees.


Do proactively communicate with the attendees and deliver on your promises




For pre-orders, be mindful of the turnaround time you promise and be sure to deliver the purchase on time. Also, make certain that you and the store have discussed who will handle returns.




After the show, remember to stay connected with shoppers. Let them know when your new collection launches, and how and where to buy it. Make sure to invite them to your next event.


Despite the amount of work involved and the many details to attend to, in the end, the excitement trunk shows generate makes them really worth it. Trust us, when it comes to trunks shows, there really is something in it for everyone!