When Terry Schiefer and Xin Gabrielle of TSXX merge their forces, concocting an eclectic cocktail of historical references and avant-garde ideas, the end result is always show-stopping.


TSXX Prague 5

The Prague collection in its full glory


Capturing both the tough and the feminine facets of a modern woman, TSXX jewelry allows the wearer to be an angel or play the devil. And one of their freshest lineups, named after the city of Prague, is a perfect example. Strong, sexy, sophisticated – these three words describe TSXX’s latest collection, as well as the woman that will appreciate these pieces most. Cast in bronze and silver, natural and synthetic stones all come into play in opulent necklaces, elaborately crafted bracelets, sparkling earrings and rings.


Masson Ge 1

Masson Ge masterfully balances TSXX jewelry with sleek apparel and looks amazing every time


Despite their bold design, these head-turning pieces have plenty of potential to become valuable family heirlooms. Actress, supermodel and television host Masson Ge, who is one of TSXX’s most active brand ambassadors, proves that as she effortlessly incorporates the label’s most statement-making designs into both everyday and special occasion looks. Take a cue from the gorgeous Masson and don’t be afraid to out of your comfort zone when you accessorize your next outfit.


TSXX front 1

Masson Ge flaunts a necklace from the Prague collection and looks like a flawless cosmopolitan fashionista


To remain up-to-date on TSXX collections, follow our blog. This and other brand lines will be presented in our LA and NYC showrooms in August and September, as well as at F.I.G. Dallas (August 12-14), and Coast Miami (October 26-27) shows this season. To book a showroom, show, or in-store appointment, please email designers@bridgeshowroom.com or call (646) 801-8820.