With 20 years of heritage and history to boast about, Marilyn Tan Jewellery is a hit among fashionistas around the world. The designer’s pieces walk the fine line between elegance and eccentricity, proving that you can make a powerful statement without having to shout. And the Golden Ratio and Midi Ring collections from her diffusion line – MTJ – are a perfect example.


MTJ golden ratio midi ring 1


The Golden Ratio has fascinated the greatest scientific and creative minds of the planet for centuries. Occurring in nature, known to ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and revered by artists from the 16th century to the modern times, it’s both inspirational and frustrating. That’s precisely the reason why Marilyn Tan celebrates it – to her, it’s nothing short of divine.


A perfect complement to the Golden Ratio collection, the Midi Ring line also sends a powerful message. It’s all about two rings in one. Garnered in .925 silver and a mix of 18K yellow gold, rose gold and rhodium, these minimalist pieces highlight differences and celebrate unity at the same time.


MTJ golden ratio midi ring 2


Simple, yet striking, the must-haves from MTJ’s Golden Ratio and Midi Ring lines look equally good when paired with an evening dress or a basic t-shirt and jeans, catering to confident women with a penchant for modern, cosmopolitan styling.


Golden Ratio & Midi Ring must-haves small


The collections from Marilyn Tan’s main and diffusion lines will be presented in our LA and NYC showrooms in August and September, as well as at F.I.G. Dallas (August 12-14), and Coast Miami (October 26-27) shows this season. To book a showroom, show, or in-store appointment, please email designers@bridgeshowroom.com or call (646) 801-8820.