BKR rebranding 1

A page out of Bitte Kai Rand’s rebranding manifest


“The real world, the living one, is the one we make. Our contribution is, quite simply, to be ourselves.”


A staple of the Scandinavian fashion scene, in SS16 Bitte Kai Rand heralds a new era in its history, starting the season rebranded. Times change, and so has the brand’s logo, which now incorporates a reference to 1981 – the year the company was founded. But despite the glorious and tumultuous moments that Bitte Kai Rand has been through over their 34 years in business, one thing remains the same. That is the label’s distinctive aesthetic which is a reflection of their creative philosophy – to empower women to be themselves.


BKR rebranding 2

“Bitte Kai Rand creates in this playground of individual originality. Empowering us to reveal ourselves. To surprise with confidence. All engage with passion.”


In the new season, Bitte Kai Rand does not disappoint, offering plenty of versatile, nonchalant options for us to experiment with – always with a new twist, a fresh breeze, an eye catching-pattern, or an original cut that makes each garment unique, but never over the top. As always, these are clothes we can move in. We can live and breathe in. We can simply be in. From day to night.


Bitte Kai Rand SS16 collection preview

Bitte Kai Rand SS16 collection preview


Stay tuned to find out more about Bitte Kai Rand’s SS16 collection on our blog. This collection will be presented in our LA and NYC showrooms in August and September, as well as at F.I.G. Dallas (August 12-14), Stitch Las Vegas (August 17-19), Coterie (September 19-21), and Coast Miami (October 26-27) shows this season. To book a showroom, show, or in-store appointment, please email designers@bridgeshowroom.com or call (646) 801-8820.