It’s a no brainer that designers who work hard to achieve success in their own country are willing to work even harder to be represented on the world market. No one would turn down such an opportunity, and frankly, they are not handed out to designers, either. In fact, brands who specifically seek out those opportunities may attest that it’s extremely hard not only to get representation on a foreign market, but also see the impact such as gaining new customers, building long-term relationships with them and, as a result, growing their business even more.




We in Bridge Showroom are honored to represent one of the most outstanding European brands, Bitte Kai Rand. And it’s exciting to hear what the people behind the design team have to say about their work in the US and our collaboration. Emil Krainer, the export manager of Bitte Kai Rand and our dear friend, speaks up about the brand’s experience on the American market (the original interview in Danish can be found here).


According to Emil, knowing your client and building a relationship with them is key to success, especially on the American market where business is done a little bit differently, compared to Europe. He himself travels quite a bit, as it is a big priority for the brand to be constantly present, to be in the moment and spot on. Emil also underlines the importance of finding the right agency to be represented by, as it’s the main link between European and American markets that can achieve brand’s presence not only in big cities like NYC or L.A. but also in regional markets. He hopes that Bitte Kai Rand will keep growing, eventually getting into department stores and being sold in more states.




Another success story of the week is Stine Goya‘s triumph at Guldknappen 2016 – Danish most prestigious fashion awards gala that yearly takes place in Copenhagen.  The designer received the ALT for the ladies’ design award ‘Golden Button 2016’. In her acceptance speech Stine expressed how happy she was to receive the award and made sure to thank her devoted team and customers.


Both Bitte Kai Rand and Stine Goya are represented in the NYC showroom (530 7th Avenue, Floor M1) on September 14-21. Please email designers@bridgeshowroom.com or call (646) 801-8820 to book an appointment.